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Rick Legge

Born and raised in New England, Rick has been creating art since childhood.
He studied Painting at Massachusetts Collage of Art and Design. His work is a reaction to 9-11 and a reflection of his introspective nature.

“I had been waiting a long time for the opportunity to return to school and pursue my degree in art, at the age of 47, I was able to do so. On my first day of classes, I enthusiastically rode my bike to school and felt exhilarated by the glorious weather and crisp blue sky. It was Sept 11 2001.” 

“About three months after the tragic events of that day,I stood in the window of my studio looking down onto the street. How different everything seemed. Orange alerts and terrorist paranoia had become daily script. I had also become more aware of, and curious about, the people I saw in my daily commutes around the city. As I stood at the window looking down, a traffic cop directed both cars and pedestrians. His movements became a dance. I started photographing him and became fascinated by the “birds-eye” perspective,with its long figure shadow patterns; and how the voyeuristic advantage point somewhat obscures the identity, creating a physical and emotional distance. I could observe and photograph and no one noticed.”

“ I continue to watch people walking, running or just puttering. To this day, I wonder who they are ,where they are going. They travel in clusters yet each remains isolated. As individuals, they are distracted, detached and self-involved. The gestures and poses of their daily meanderings inspire me.”